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  • I came to see Dr. Sean with a chronic reoccurring pain that prevented me from playing with my two young daughters. Within two weeks I was able to pick up my daughters again! Further, I have not experienced any pain in my back. i was skeptical when I first started dr. Sean's program, but having seen the results in my x-rays I am convinced about the programs ability to correct and reverse my spinal condition. Since beginning the program, I've had more energy and generally am feeling better. I no longer have pain preventing me from being active and enjoying the simple things, like running and jumping with my children
    Thanks Dr. Sean!

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  • When I came to Dr. Sean I had lower back pain, cold hands and feed and headaches. I now feel better, sleep well. My neck doesn't hurt and the tension is gone. I have seen improvements in my cardiovascular system and digestive system.

    - Monica L.
  • I was never one to believe that Chiropractic medicine could help me until I began to experience reoccurring back pain that was having a negative effect on my quality of life. At the urging of friends and a need to do something to fix my back I came to Dr. Sean, who I have found to have a beneficial program of exercise and treatment that has improved my posture and has strengthened my back. Although I have not completed my course of treatment i can say that I feel better, have not had to cancel activities because of "back pain" and have found that I recover much quicker from activities that in the past would have caused my back problems to reoccur

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  • I just saw my post treatment x-rays and had to get reassurance from Dr. Sean that thy were MY x-rays. It was like looking at somebody else's neck/spine! When I started , I had 100% loss of curve in my neck (actually a negative curve). I have improved to 35% loss of curve or gained 65% or my curve back. The adjustments have improved my overall health and level of comfort, and, the traction unit has done wonders. I have truly appreciated Dr. Sean & his staff for helping me the past 6 months. I feel better and I am healthier - it's encouraging to know that the home exercises will maintain and support all the hard work we've done this year. Thank you! Happy Holidays!

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  • Before I got help from Dr. Sean I had shoulder and serious neck pains. I was afraid to get my neck cracked so I never did and it made matters worse. So finally, i got "my power on" and got my neck cracked. I haven't felt like that in along time. Now that's the first thing I look forward to. I now feel my age: 14 years old and not 40. "What a feeling" I hope that when you join Dr. Sean you get your power on like I did.

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  • My life has totally changed ever since I started going to Dr. Sean. I was suffering from all kinds of ailments. EG.. Allergies, headaches (really bad ones), numbness, back pains, sinus problems, irritability, mood swings - basically feeling crumby all over.
    With the treatment, my life is  whole lot better. All those previous ailments are gone and I can even see better! I am happier and my husband is happier.
    Dr. Sean has been a blessing. I didn't realize how Chiropractic is so important for my wellbeing. I truly believe that I can live longer and my quality of life is definitely better.

    Thank you so much Dr. Sean! You're definitely my life saver.

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  • Thank you Sean! Everyone is skeptical that they can be helped, really helped. I've been really helped!
    My past experience with Chiropractic care was negative so I'm pleasantly surprised that your program has produced results. I'm feeling fine and in a short period of time. I didn't really expect to feel so much better so quickly.
    Your program also makes sense. To me this is important. I needed to know what to expend and you were direct. I've been told before that I was fine when I wasn't. I appreciate your honest appraisal of my condition and being given a planned method of correction. Thanks to you I'm confident I am heading in the right direction and will be able to continue my love of sports into the future.

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  • I started seeing Dr. Sean 10 days ago with pain in my lower and upper back and neck. In just 10 days I'm already standing tall and walking with my full stride. I can finally work my 8 hour shift without pain!

    - Rudy H.
  • I have been looking for a good chiropractor in the Orange County area for 3 years now. This guy finally fit the bill! Dr. Milam is AWESOME! He has helped me immensely and he doesn't do weird billing things like chiropractors I have dealt with in the past. I have been going to chiropractors for quite some time. I sit at a desk all day and I work out really hard, so it is a necessity in my life. Dr. Milam will listen to your needs and adjust your treatment as necessary. I haven't felt this good in a while and I have Dr. Milam to thank for it! No gimmicks, no unnecessary I am in and out in 20 minutes. I strongly recommend him to all of you who are in the need for a good chiropractor who is honest and who truly wants to make you feel better.

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  • Sean helped me out last week after I pulled my lower back while mountain bike riding.  We did some stretches and then a carefully placed adjustment which helped allot!  Sean is not your normal chiropractor, he gets to know all his patients personally and truly enjoys his job.  His prices are reasonable and I would definitely recommend his work to a friend! Thanks.

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  • I can't stress enough how much Dr. Sean has changed my life. I started coming to him in February of 2014, and at the time I had terrible problems with my digestion, as well as horrible neck pain. Dr. Sean completely fixed my digestion problems to the point where I no longer have to take medication for it anymore. As for my neck, I come once a week for an adjustment and it feels perfect. He is such a kind, genuine person and I would recommend him to anyone. He truly cares about his patients.

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  • Dr. Milam is an outstanding chiropractor.  I have been to a few in my day and he is by far the best!  He is extremely knowledgeable about anatomy and physiology which is important if you are going to have someone moving your body around for alignment.  As a former dancer, I have MANY chronic injuries.  Although I came in because I tweaked my neck over the weekend, Dr. Milam reviewed my whole history and all of my chronic injuries.  He gave me a full spinal adjustment and didn't only focus on the neck.

    I walked in not being able to turn my head and walked out being able to look over my shoulder!  The rest of the spinal adjustment felt pretty righteous too!  Dr. Milam takes an approach that looks at the patient as a whole, he doesn't just adjust you and then send you packing, which is something I appreciate.  A medical professional that takes their time with you and isn't rushing you out the door to fit the next patient in, is a true gem these days.  Highly recommend Dr. Milam!

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