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Dr. Sean Milam is your auto injury chiropractor in Tustin, CA, and the main practitioner at Milam Chiropractic. He is a highly experienced personal injury chiropractor who treats neuro musculoskeletal issues through various techniques ranging from soft tissue therapy to adjustments to cold laser therapy. Even if you don't feel pain after a car accident, make an appointment with Dr. Milam right away. A car accident injury may not show up immediately. If you wait until symptoms show up, which may be days or weeks later, preventable damage may have already caused pain and mobility loss.

What Happens During Auto Collisions?

All sorts of injuries can happen when you have a car accident. The most common injuries tend to affect the neck and back area. These injuries can affect both your bones and soft tissues. As a result, car accident victims often complain about lingering stiffness and pain in the weeks after the accident. If you’ve incurred whiplash, it may not show up right away. Once it does, you may experience intense neck pain, shoulder pain, dizziness, nausea and headaches. You may also have back pain due to a bulging or herniated disc from the impact. When discs become misaligned, you can experience more pain and even numbness due to nerve compression. Intervention with your auto injury chiropractor in Tustin, CA, can prevent scar tissue buildup that would reduce your range of motion.

What Can a Chiropractor Do to Help?

Dr. Milam's treatment plan will depend on where your injuries are and how extensive. The usual suggestion will be chiropractic adjustments. During an adjustment, your chiropractor will work to align and restore motion to the spine to alleviate pressure on nerves and soft tissue. When pressure is alleviated from the neck and spine, you are less likely to experience headaches or shooting pains. Our office may also provide chiropractic massages to remove tension and knots in muscles. When your soft tissue is relaxed, you have less pressure on your spinal column.

We may also demonstrate stretching exercises for you to practice at the Milam Chiropractic office and at home. The proper stretching techniques can expand your ligaments, tendons, and muscles to alleviate tension. Using stretching as part of your accident recovery can help increase your range of motion and mobility.

When you need an auto injury chiropractor in Tustin, CA, look no further than Milam Chiropractic. Dr. Milam has worked with many clients with various injuries, from auto accidents to sports injuries. His expert care can reduce your likelihood of decreased mobility and invasive surgery. 

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